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Burlap Banners - a Stress Free Answer for Beautiful and Easy Party Decor

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I love a good party, and I even have periods of inspiration for them, but what happens when you are up to your ears in work and don't have a ton of time to commit to planning and decorating for an important event?  That was me.  I was hosting a party for an adult friend during one of the busiest times of the year.  I stressed a little, but I found the answer with Burlap Banners. The banners looked amazing, were personalized, had lovely sparkle and shine and all my guests loved the look.  I have to admit I felt a little like Wonder Woman after it was over.  Are you in one of these predicaments? 

A: You are the person who cannot say NO and so you are in charge of the party

B: You love parties but have ZERO time

C: You have no idea what to do for a Non-Kid event (Don't adults love Disney movies?)

D: You love handmade decorations but don't have a crafty bone in your body


If you are any of the above - we've got you covered. If you are having a party and need gorgeous, easy-to use decorations that will show off the Guest of Honor, will WOW your guests, and fit into your event theme, a burlap bunting is an amazing choice. 

Stress-Free Decorating with Burlap Banners  

Burlap is a wonderful green material that looks fantastic when stenciled with paint. It's fun texture gives a bit of rustic flair, yet can look glamorous with a bit of sparkle.  A burlap garland can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to create an impeccable decoration that matches any event theme. They can also be used over and over making them a great economical choice - Just what a Wonder Woman needs in her arsenal! 

Burlap Banners are practically effortless to install, no super powers needed. Simply hang each of the stringed ends and you have a wonderful sign to show off at your affair.  Banners can be sized small or large to fit the space size of your area.  This mini is hung on an old window. Larger pennants can be hung on the wall, mantle, fence, table, or even strung from trees outside. 


Personalization of a burlap banner is one of the keys to making your event a rounding success.  Using specific names of the Guest of Honor, a phrase to celebrate the special day, or a company name with their logo are just a few ideas.  Buntings can be used for Save the Dates, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Craft Show Signs, Wedding Reception Decor, Bridal Showers, Retirement Parties, Company Trade Shows, and so much more.

Welcome Baby Burlap Banner 

So ease your worried mind, put on that Wonder Woman Cape and let the experts at create the absolutely perfect decoration for your party.  

Secret to No-Stress Party Decor

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